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Threaded and Grooved Ductile Iron Pipe

101 Pipe’s reputation for quality materials, prompt service, and meticulous workmanship are our highest priority for threaded and grooved ductile iron pipe spools. All threaded pipe ends are machined separately to match each ductile iron flange’s threads. This creates a near-perfect fit with face-to-face measurements conforming to the specified length dimensions.

Threaded and Grooved Ductile Iron Pipe

All threaded surfaces are coated with a threading compound/sealant, and the machine is power-tightened and aligned. Unless otherwise specified, all of our ductile iron pipes have cement lining on the interior wall. Other linings such as glass, epoxy, polyethylene, or bare can be supplied as requested. All ductile iron pipe used has a class 53 minimum thickness.

Tight industry tolerances restrict us from offering threaded pipe with loose flanges unless the customer waives our responsibility for meeting the specifications.