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Durable Well Casing

At 101 Pipe, the casing is equally as important as the pipe. Our goal is to make all of your installations come together faster, easier, and at less expense. We do this by providing virtually every water well casing component in a range of sizes, grades, and specifications to meet your needs and budget. They are competitively priced, on-site, and ready for immediate shipment.

We have:

  • Well Casing
  • Perforated Well Casing
  • Well Screen: Carbon and Stainless
  • Weld Collars

Pump Column

101 Pipe is also one of the leading pump column manufacturers in the United States. We have complete machining and threading capabilities, managed by skilled and experienced technicians dedicated to producing the highest quality pump column and waterworks products available anywhere in the industry.

We have:

  • Threaded Pump Column
  • Seamless Pump Column Couplings
  • Cone Strainers
  • All Related Components
  • Flanged Pump Column
  • 8-V Butt and Taper Threads
  • 8-Round Threads
  • Any Custom Thread

Our regular pump column is made only from prime, certified pipe such as A53-GR B or API-5L GR B. We manufacture our own quality pump column couplings, 4” to 16”, using only prime seamless coupling stock. Threaded ends (without a coupling) are always well-greased and covered with a snug thread protector.

We thread both carbon and stainless-steel pipe (up to 20” O.D.) to all major pump manufacturers’ specifications. We cut the precision threads on our state-of-the-art CNC threading machine or our stationary and receding die head machines. Our pump column, with 8-V butt threads or 8-V 3/4” taper threads, meets or exceeds the rigid AWWA E101 specification. Flanged columns (carbon and stainless) are custom fabricated to your specifications, complete with integral spiders, registered ends, protective coatings, and linings as required.

101 Pipe is a leading manufacturer of 8-round deep-set threaded columns specifically for the geothermal industry. We have adopted this exceptional oil field thread to work efficiently in a well-water environment. With strict adherence to specific lengths and makeup, our 8-Round Pump Column will go together seamlessly with our “Geo” style tube and shaft for the ultimate ease of installation.

Inner Column

  • Tube and Shaft
  • Bronze Line Shaft Bearings
  • Oil Tubes
  • Bronze Bowl Bushings
  • Black Widow Spiders
  • Open Column Assemblies
  • Water Lube Spiders
  • Line Shaft Couplings
  • Carbon and SS Line Shaft
  • Fluted Inserts: Rubber and Graphite